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[13 Jun 2017|09:00am]
eating pears
i have a bio exam in
about an hour
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The best post you'll ever read [26 Apr 2017|07:48pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I just ate a whole cantalope to myself. It started off with me cutting the melon up to store for lunch tomorrow, but then a thought appeared in my head; 'Maybe I'll have just one slice.' Before I knew it I had finished the container and therefore my house is cantalopless....and I now have my eye on a Honeydew. How many melons can I eat in one night? I wonder...

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[17 Apr 2017|09:48pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

I haven't updated this journal in monthes. To be honest, I have another account and use it daily. Whatever. Today was fun, our drama class went to Niagra-on-the-lake and saw some play (which wasn't that great at all). But some how the day turned out to be so hilarious. Natalie just kept saying random and stupid things to me on the bus, it was so jokes. "Look! Katiee a police car?!" - "OMG - wait, why do I care?". We're stupid. ahaha, I love friends.

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[16 Mar 2017|11:07am]
[ mood | lazy ]

So me and my aunt are walking to Square One just to get our hair cut/trimmed, and the idea is starting to sound dumber and dumber everytime I say it in my mind. Appearently, we're going to see a movie around 4 - and then I'm going to see another movie around 8/9 with Crissa and friends...I shall name this day - movie madness friday. It should be fun :) 

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OMFG !&^*!@ NO WAY - I'M UPDATING!!!! [16 Mar 2017|12:36am]
[ mood | amused ]

Needless to say, it's been quite a while since I've updated my livejournal but I'm going to try and start using it again. I have another LJ account that I use (alot) but I`m going to start using this one too :)

Where to start...well, it's march break, and so far it's been pretty busy. One of my best friends is in some island where it's warm and sunny and coconuts and happiness - and here I am, stuck in Canada. But it's not all bad. I've had some pretty sweet times this break. My aunt just got in form Washington and we're walking to SQ1 tomorrow, I want to get my hair cut - fun! :) 

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[31 Jan 2017|06:48pm]
hi live journal buddies, it's been quite some time since i've used this device.

really that's all i have to say.
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[18 Oct 2016|08:06pm]
Yo! I'm back LJ so you betta watch out!
Wow, I honestly haven't posted since the age of the dino's or maybe the whole Moses period.
Either way, it's been a while!
I've been busy like crazy between ballet and improv team and Mr Bernardo and ALL HIS FUCKING HOMEWORK. Honestly, can a man possibly give anymore homework. Aw, but I still love him. OH! New gym teacher in our school, man oh man, we're getting married! April 21st!


I haven't told him yet, I'll post the date as soon as possible ;)

Humm, what else is going on right now.
MJGFYT%Sn&*^dc$#%tgtf%^%tg bnhgfjhgkjh*(^^&^&*^thgjkhgjh.
(that was most likely russian for something...) 

wow, livejournal is still pretty cool, I guess.
=) maybe I'll write again in the next century or two.
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[22 Aug 2016|10:39am]
Alright, so I'm really into these things called 'books' right now. I've read like 5 of them in the past 2 weeks. And I think I want more. I know this is a bad habit and I really have to control myself, and I say I can, but really I can't...I just keep turning the page. Then I think about all the money I'm wasting by buying these things, gosh I'm stupid. But I just can't stop. I sometimes think about telling my mom about my umm "problem", but I don't know how she would react, so I can't bring myself to tell her, I mean...what would she think of me?! Maybe when I snick to lowest low, like buying a 'hardcover' I'll snap out of it. Until' then, I have no idea where my educated life will lead me...

(was that just not the stupidest thing I've ever posted.)

Yesterday I went to Sherway for my first time since I was like 2...or maybe 5..or 10? Whatever that's clearly besides the point. So I went to Sherway with on of my bestest and well...we spent a 'wee' too much money. But that's ok; my mom thinks I only spent 40. I'd have to say, the biggest joke of the day was walking into Holt Renfue (sp?) and finding a ponytail maker on sale for...


Honestly, it was a normal black ponytail maker with some brown circle on it, what the fuck is so terribly special about that?!

other then my stupid ballet exam coming up, the rest (or whats left) of the summer is going to be pretty sweet; there are some shows coming up that I really want to go to and PAULINSKA is coming home soon!
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[16 Aug 2016|11:13pm]
I'm currently using 'Crest White Strips' and my mouth is hurting like a mofo. I also miss Pauline and wish she would just come back to fricken' CANADA! But life has been pretty good (other then stupid dance camp) things are getting back on track and I'm happy with the way things are going. Oh, but the Mcdonalds issue. I have been hired (wee!)...but I don't want to work (boo!), should I quit already!@#$? Actually, I should take into serious consideration all the hash browns I would be able to consume.

Decisions, decisions.
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[10 Aug 2016|10:38am]
I can`t wait until this 'thing' is over and done with. 
The funniest thing (sarcasticly speaking) happened last night; Gis mom called my mom.
I was thinking 'fucking perfect.' 
But whatever she said to my mom wasn't all that horrible, I'm guessing, because she wasn't mad or anything; I haven't even bothered to ask what they spoke about yet. Well to say the least, this summer has been different, so far. But there's still a month left, let's try and enjoy it. =)

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[08 Aug 2016|10:20am]

Hey this is going to be the fastest LJ post of life seeing as I'm not suppose to beon the comp. ok, so I'm sorry things went the wasy they did, but no one could or can control any of that now. Shit happens. Heres the problem, my parents may call or talk to your parents, the cops faxed them all this info, i thnk? basiclly my neighbours are pricks and told them all this shit. Basiclly I'm saying if my parents call your parents orwhatever. make sure you've told them your side, cause it would be better if your paretns heardit from you first. I don't knnow who'll they'll be calling or anything this is just kinda a warning. Sorry things turned our the way they did. Love<33

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[23 Jul 2016|11:21am]
new LJ dp.
That's right, your staring at the state of the art Magic Bullet.

Be amazed.
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[21 Jul 2016|12:43am]
I just finished reading a friends entry and it made me realize,
I'm scared to grow up. 
I like being immature, 
I like not being under-stress,
But I guess that's all going to change?
Starting with the job interview I have on Monday,
and I don't want a job.
But I'm going to do it, I have to learn to take on new responsibility.
But I'm still going to enjoy life, I have my friends.
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[14 Jul 2016|07:51pm]
Well that was an excellent soccer game yesterday. I feel that everyone played with spirit and team work, you could tell that everyone was commited to the team. Good job guys hope to do it again soon! 

That was a fucking jks night. <333
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8) [11 Jul 2016|12:50am]
[ mood | blank ]

So, i guess you could say that this update is about 40 years late.
but whatevs.


.....yeah, and that's it for the update.

(ps: big <3's too everyone who was there)

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OHMYGOSHHH!!! [06 Jul 2016|12:45am]
[ mood | happy ]

What a fucking great day.
Let's try and do a little recap, shall we.
Paulines Ma drove us downtown to some street. We had no fucking clue where we were, honestly.
we walked around until' we found Queen St. which didn't take us that long. Right? Anyways, well chilled on Queens st.
checked out,

PLUS. me and pauline were soo on OMNI TV!!
PLUS we saw a homeless guy with a sign which said "SEX.."(SOMETHING)
that was jks.
Damn, we are so going back to shop.
ok, so after that we walked a long time until' we found another map and VINCE said we had to go some crazy way.
well that was all bullshit.
we walked about 238468321654782 milees for nothing.
We went the wrong way,
but it was fun.
I'd do it again.
So it was 5:15 and we got on a street car and got to the theater 489523759 mile times faster.
once we got there we bought fucking aweseom shirts.
ye Pauline!!!!

The Subways were pretty damn coolio. They were cute.
Head Automatica i swear the lead singer was fucking drunk.


Holy shit.
They were amazing.
Like they even beat that American Idol (and that was fucking awesome).
The CDS is amazing, but LIVE they are fucking amazing.
No doubt I will be seeing them again, Tom was djgfurcebtgewugbnr HOTT.
He magically like moved from the stage to the other side of the theater on to some seat, it was fucking jks.
He was like "This is a good seat, someone bring me a fucking hotdog!" I laughed so fucking hard.
and let me tell you how we (me vince Pauline and Helena) were literaly 4 steps away from Tom when he walked down our isle.
Oh!, and when they played down Holy shit.
my heart stopped.
plus, my shirt is beautiful. 
I will see them again.
best band ever.

Damn, honestly I wasn't as excited for them,
but shit.
They were fucking amazing,honestly, they put on an awesome show.
I need to get their new CD now. 
I want to see them again so badly.

<3 pauline helena vince.
can't wait till' friday.


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[27 Jun 2016|12:11pm]
I just tried to slide on my head, like all the break dancers do.

I failed.
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[07 Jun 2016|10:43pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]

Dear someone,

You've made more enemies then friends.

Love, me.

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The C-word. [02 Jun 2016|03:52pm]
I would have never guessed that a coldsore could pervent you form doing so much...

...oh was I wrong.

Miss Natalie Musial prooved me very wrong. Last friday poor Natalie got a coldsore. How tragic (seriously). She just couldn't go on. First off, she needed her cream. Oh yes, the cream was definatly needed. So to get the cream she had a plan; she would call her mother during her fourth period lunch and ask her to bring her home. And of course she couldn't ride home on the bus when she had this coldsore...it was too big according to her.

(btw, you couldn't see it at all)

Sadly her mother didn't pick up the phone and Natalie would have to wait until' she was home to get the cream. On the bus ride home Natalie remember she had Veronicas hot tub party that same night. She then made an important anouncement. She probably couldn't go in the hot tub becaues of the coldsore. She was then told that she could go in the hot tub as long as she didn't kiss anyone, which wouldn't be a problem seeing as it was an all girl thing. What a relief. But wait there's more, she then remembered something else very important. She had a dance performance that weekend. But how could she possible dance with this coldsore?!?! Apprently no one would want to watch the performance because of her coldsore. How heartbreaking. But don't worry, we then told her that we could barely see anything while we were sitting beside her. Finally it was time to get off the bus for Natalie, but she had to make sure that her mother was parked at her bus stop because she could simply not walk home with a coldsore. That would be way too risky of course...plus she needed her cream as fast as possible, duh.

You never would have thought that a coldsore could cause so much problems. But oh yes it can.

(Natalie you hilarious, I elect you funniest girl with an invisble coldsore.)
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cheesebugers with salad [07 May 2016|10:17am]
Yum, Gis party was extra fun. Yay!
got drunk, another yay!
I'm to fucking tried to do anything right now.
but it was awesome fun!
fuck people were lighting chips on fire, dumbies, lol.
I love Masiahuyahhhu, or whatever the fuck that jew guys name is, he 's the fucking shit.
Yum, last night was good.
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